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Google Account Hacking attempt

Be careful if you receive this type of message. Think twice before click on  blue color link and check the origin of the email 


Dear .......,

While undergoing our internal review we noticed that some of your data with us is lost due to this,

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2017-03-28 10:36:43 Id : 56

Good Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website

A website redesign can be a big project, and you might be putting it off due to the money and time it will take. A redesign can be a wise investment, though – after all, your website is your primary online marketing tool 

1. To make it mobile-friendly

Mobile web usage is growing by leaps and bounds, so you need to make sure your website can be viewe
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2016-04-28 18:20:39 Id : 55

What your favourite websites looked like in the 90s

Do you remember what your favourite websites looked like in the 90s? These were the days before Facebook; before Twitter and even before YouTube. Yahoo! was the king of search engines. We had to wait until 1998 before Google finally came along.

Apple 1997

Do you want a free CD-ROM? Perhaps it would make better use as a coaster. The EMATE300 must
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2015-10-03 21:34:05 Id : 54

Purpose of graphics in web design

  1. Graphics add visual/aesthetic appeal to the information on the web page, helping to maintain viewer interest and attention
  2. Help to create visual structure for information and links on the page
  3. Communicate or explain ideas visually
  1. Graphics should fit in with the purpose, organization, and style of the page. They should enhance t
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2015-08-16 18:40:09 Id : 53

Website Design

A website is a window into how your organization is run. Users assume that if you cut corners on your website, you also cut corners with your products and services.

When users feel smart and sophisticated on your website, they tend to stick around. When users feel stupid, their blood pressure goes up, their heart rate increases, and they get a little hot under the collar. This visceral
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2015-08-12 19:07:07 Id : 52

Organizing Your Information ( Web Style Guide Line)

Our day-to-day professional and social lives rarely demand that we create detailed architectures of what we know and how those structures of information are linked. Yet without a solid and logical organizational foundation, your web site will not function well even if your basic content is accurate, attractive, and well written.

There are five basic steps in organizing your information:
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2015-08-11 19:51:56 Id : 51

Principles for Creating a Visual Design

A successful visual design applies the following principles to elements noted and effectively brings them together in a way that makes sense.  When trying to figure out how to use the basic elements consider:

  • Unity has to do with all elements on a page visually or conceptually appearing to belong together. Visual design must strike a balance between unity and variety to avoi
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2015-08-11 17:26:22 Id : 50

Anyone who's used Google Maps in the dark knows how tough it can be on the eyes

Google (GOOG) Maps has always had a blinding white interface that made it hard for drivers to adjust from looking at the screen to looking at the road. Turning away from the bright light into a pitch black distance could cause temporary vision loss.

Now the tech giant finally introduced a fix for that problem: Night mode.
Google just rolled out the update for iOS users, although An
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2015-08-11 13:42:20 Id : 48

Web Analytics Best Practices

Web analytics can strongly support the qualitative research and testing finding.  Some best practices to keep in mind related to this field are:

Encourage a data-driven environment for decision making.  After collecting the relevant data to answer whether you have met (or fail to meet) your goals, find out what you can do to improve your KPIs. Are there h
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2015-08-11 11:59:55 Id : 47

Warning after security experts hack Tesla car

Tesla has issued a software update for its model S car after two researchers found a way to subvert its onboard systems.

It is the second time in a month that a car maker has had to act to solve security problems with its vehicles uncovered by hackers.

In the latest instance, the researchers were able to shut off the car and force it to stop.

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2015-08-06 21:08:08 Id : 46

Ask the wrong question and Google Now will tell you off

When Google Maps has turn-by-turn navigation turned on, the virtual assistant, Google Now, will pop up every now and then to tell you to take a turn or an exit but most of the time it stays quiet.

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2015-08-05 09:25:09 Id : 45


The Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM) is the only Government approved premier Institute in Sri Lanka, which was established by the Government in 1964 to train young men and women in the complex field of Hospitality and Travel Industry, and is managed by Sri Lanka Tourism Board under the Ministry of Economic Development.

Further, in order to facilitate studen
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2015-08-03 07:20:11 Id : 44

Food and Hotel Seychelles 2015 Official website go live

Following the success of the 1st edition of food and hotel Seychelles 2014, the second edition of food and hotel Seychelles has been scheduled to take place on the 23rd, 24th, 25th of October along with the creole festival. The main objective of FHS will be to facilitate trade between the exhibitors from all ov
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2015-08-11 17:11:27 Id : 43

Running an e-commerce website is not easy in Sri Lanka

  • Getting an internet payment gateway ( IPG ) is Expensive 
  • PayPal integration is not allowed yet
  • The banks are more into discourage investors ( Ecom Business )

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2015-06-04 12:51:34 Id : 42

Most of the websites are outdated

The copyright in the site is not correct.

I have noticed some websites still having 2007-2008  dates .

Your website has an animated intro page.

In the past, many sites designed with welcome page that took considerable amount of time to load.  Now visitors tend to leave the as soon as they see a Intro-page and they will never come back

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2015-06-04 12:55:16 Id : 41