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Some interesting conversations that we have experienced in past years.

Conversation 01
Client: Why did you put an icon like this?
We: Sir, this is a Map Navigation icon. Because this is a tour operating website.
Client: No no. Could you remove it?
We: But anyone can get the idea from the first look.
Client: I don't like it. Please remove it. You know what? There is a small pointer in that icon and it's like a downward arrow. It's not a good symbol. It's a Bad Luck !

Conversation 02
Client: Can we move to a different Content Management System?
We: We have used more than five Content Management Systems. This is the most easiest and user friendly system that we can recommend. Even a pre-school kid can operate this.
Client: But let's move to another one. Shall we?
We: But why?
Client: It says HTML in the Web Address. I want a PHP website. Because PHP is powerful than HTML.

Conversation 03
We: Sir, please keep this link with you.
Client: How?
We: Just copy the URL and save it in your local.
Client: No. This link is not available to save in my computer.
We: What?
Client: I want to save the link in my desktop. I have copied the link and right click on desktop. But the "Paste" option is not visible.

Conversation 04
Client: Please design two attractive banners about my websites as soon as possible.
We: Ok
Client: [3 Hours Later] - Only Promisses. But no work !!!!!

Conversation 05
Project_Manager: There is an E-Mail from a client. I will forward it to you. It's a Screen Capture of their website. They have circled the changes they want.
Team_Member: [After seeing the screen capture] - Did you see this screen capture?
Project_Manager: What's the matter?
Team_Member: They have opened multiple tabs in the browser. The second tab says "Sex Places in Colombo".

Conversation 06
Team_Member: Sir, it will take couple of weeks to finish this task.
Project_Manager: Why?
Team_Member: We have to organize, resize and edit all the photos.
Project_Manager: Ok. Take your time. I think they have selected only few photos for the website.
Team_Member: Yes. Only few. Around 750 photos !

Conversation 07
Client: What the hell you have done to my website? The whole layout has been changed.
We: No No. We didn't do that!
Client: Don't tell lies. Shame on you.
We: Believe us. We didn't do that. We can't take the responsibility. We didn't changed this.
Client: Then explain this?
We: We gave you the access to the dashboard of this site? Right? Did you click any thing?
Client: Mmmmmm..... Yes! I clicked a button called "Editor" and there are thousands of codes...
[This client runs his own SEO company in Australia]

Conversation 08
Client: Hey! It's been seven months. But still you didn't add our content to the website.
We: Miss, actually you didn't give us the content!
Client: Oh really? Then it's ok !

Conversation 09
Client: I took these content from another website. Please put these content to my website.
We: Are you sure? Because these content are not related to your website.
Client: It's ok. Just put these content.

Conversation 10
Client: When I move the mouse cursor to a top of an image, a tooltip appears and it says "Photo Credits -"
We: These are not your images. We have to give a value and necessary credits to the original source.
Client: Could you remove this tooltip from all the images?
We: It's not a good thing. It's a risk. If you caught, they might file a case and a fine.
Client: So?

Conversation 11
Client: Put all of these photos to the Slideshow in Home Page.
We: Do you believe that site visitors will watch all of these photos?
Client: Why?
We: Because there are more than 30 photos !!!!!

Conversation 12
Team_Member: I have a good news and a bad news.
Project_Manager: What is it?
Team_Member: This is the best website I have designed so far!
Project_Manager: and?
Team_Member: The client knows Wordpress and codings. He had changed all the interfaces!

Conversation 13
Client: Hi! I have browsed the website using my mobile phone. But the interface is not similar.
We: That's the nature of Responsive Web Designing. The width of a Desktop screen is large. But the width of a Mobile screen is too small. There is no space to show the same structure in Mobile screen. As a result of that, all the elements in website are organize one after another in mobile screen. The main objective is to access the website very easily without any physical presence or viewing issue.
Client: But I like the Desktop version. I want Desktop version in Mobile version.

Conversation 14
Project_Manager: The client had asked to add these content as soon as possible. He is going to launch the website and there is a media conference too.
Team_Member: Oh my god. There are too many content. When is he going to launch the website?
Project_Manager: Today ! Afternoon !

Conversation 15
Client: What is the web address of my website?
We: It's been three years. But still you don't know about your web address?

Conversation 16
Team_Member: I have received client's changes list. They have requested to change the whole structure. We have to delete the sliders, buttons, forms, tab pannels and all the paragraphs in Home Page. Why is that?
Project_Manager: Please wait. I will ask that from the client.
Project_Manager: [Few minutes later] - That client had printed the whole website into papers and sent to his assistant for proofread. She had prepared the changes list from using those printed papers.

Conversation 17
Client's_IT_Guy_01: I have sent you an E-Mail. Could you change the layout of the web pages, according to my E-Mail?
We: Sure.
Client's_IT_Guy_02: Hey! What's happened to the interface? Who said to change that?
We: Client 01 !
Client's_IT_Guy_02: No No. Please make the website according to previous layout !

Conversation 18
Client: I told you, not to add any 3rd party images. Please use only our photos to the website.
We: Sir, this is not an actual web page. This is just an art work!

Conversation 19
Client's_IT_Guy: Our website is not responsive.
We: No. It's responsive.
Client's_IT_Guy: No. It's not.
We: No. It's fully responsive. We have used a responsive framework. Also we have wrote fully custom codes for the mobile and tab versions.
Client's_IT_Guy: Maybe. But the site is not responsive. Browse the site from a mobile phone.
We: It's works fine.
Client's_IT_Guy: No it's not!
We: How do you say it's not responsive?
Client's_IT_Guy: Because it displays a different interface for mobile phones. It's not the interface that we can see in our laptops.
We: Please stop talking about Responsive. First refer the internet and learn "What is Responsive Web Designing"

Conversation 20
Client: Could you set the text align as Justify? Left align gives a dirty look to the website.
We: We can. But users might difficult to read these paragraphs. Specially from mobile phones.
Client: But it's like a Cycle Race!

Conversation 21
Client's_IT_Guy: I don't like the theme of this website. Shall we change the interface? Also I want to change all the font types, colours, buttons. Page navigation is not nice. Please refer this link. I want the same exact layout for the Home Page. Remember! The same layout. Remove all these images and sliders. Add an enquiry button to every page. I want a background image to the header section. At what time you can finish these changes? Now it's 10.00am. How about 2.00pm?
Team_Member: Seriously? This site contains more than 25 pages and 2 device versions. We have designed this site over 6 months. Now you want to change the interface? Now?
Project_Manager: Our work here is done. This is a completed website. There is no time to spare for this website again. This is a Wordpress site. If you want to change the interface, please change the interface from using the admin panel.
Client's_IT_Guy: Ok then.!
Team_Member: [30 Minutes later] - That guy had messed up the whole Home Page.

Conversation 22
Team_Member: Do we really have to code this Photoshop layout? I mean this is an outdated, non-user friendly interface. I can't do some of the parts. Because of the Technical issues.
Project_Manager: Yes. That's true. This template was designed by client's coordinating secretary. She has no experience in designing. But the client wants her design. Not ours.

Conversation 23
Client: Could you change this icon to another icon? Please google it and try to find a better one. My designer showed me some better icons from the google.
We: So why don't you take those icons from him and mail us?

Conversation 24
We: What kind of website is this?
Client: This is a website about an event?
We: There are around 15 pages in your website. You have delivered content for every page. But you have failed to give us the most important detail for this website.
Client: No idea. What is it?
We: The DATE of the event !

Conversation 25
Client: Hey! Where are the updates?
We: Done.
Client: Done? Not done !
We: We have done all the updates.
Client: Then why doesn't those updates shows in the website? Please be responsible. Don't try to play ignorant. Do your task correctly.
We: It must be a Cache issue. Please clear the Cache in your browser.
Client: Ah good. Now it's ok!

Conversation 26
Client's_Designer: I gave you some work yesterday. How's the progress?
We: Can't do. Technically there is no way to implement that requirment.
Client's_Designer: Come on man! Don't say like that. There must be a way.
We: No. There is not.
Client's_Designer: It's an easy thing. I don't think it's a difficult task. Just google it and you will get many answers. It's not that difficult?
We: We are telling you. Technically it's impossible.
Client's_Designer: Google it and find a solution among the search results. That's easy noh? I don't think this is a difficult task. I think you can complete this within 5 minutes. It's not difficult as you think.
We: If this is an easy task, then why don't you develop this website?

Conversation 27
Team_Member: Sir, according to the client's changes list, it says put another image in right side and reduce the yellow colours of every images. But there is no space to add an extra image and there are no yellow colours in these images?
Project_Manager: She told me to complete that requirment couple of times.
Project_Manager: [1 Week later] - I went to the office. Her laptop screen shows only red and yellow colours. Also the resolution is not a standard resolution. That is why she can see only yellow colours and more spaces...

Conversation 28
Client: [Day 01] - Yesterday you said that you have completed the SEO part of the site? But still it doesn't show in the 1st page in google?
We: [Day 01] - Google is not belongs to us. So we can't do anything. It will take some time. Most of your competitors' have old websites. Because of that Google gives the first priority for their websites.
Client: [Day 02] - Still there is no progress?
We: [Day 02] - We can't predict about this part. It will takes couple of months.
Client: [Day 03] - Today also our site is not in the first page? Can't you do anything?
We: [Day 03] - We did our best and Google is not our company!
Client: [Day 04] - Still no progress?
We: [Day 04] - We told you, it will take couple of months. It's not that easy. Don't call us every day. Be patience.
Client: [Day 05] - Google showed our website among 1st page in those days.
We: [Day 05] - Yes. Then you have sent us an instruction list to SEO your website. Remember? You said to rename all the pages. That's the major problem. Now Google take this as a new site. We have to wait.
Client: [Day 06] - Still no luck !
We: [Day 06] - Please wait!
Client: [Day 07] - I think you didn't SEO our site well. If you did that, google will show our site instantly.
We: [Day 07] - No. It's not! There is a huge process in inside, that you can't see.
[Like this, this client had called us each and every day, more than 2 weeks]

Conversation 29
Client: I have sent you a link. I want the same website. Put a background music to the home page like that. I want this website's font type to my website. Please add a scroll bar to every page. Like this site? I need the same structure for the section pages. It looks nice. I need 6 icons on the top of every page. See that website. I want these animations too.
Project_Manager: The background music will distract the visitors. They will be confused and they will not be able to concentrate because of the music. This font type is not suitable for a website. The readability level is too low. You don't need a scroll bar in our site. Because you don't have enough content! That structure will reduce the loading speed. Because of the images. There is no space to add 6 icons. These animations are not suitable for your site. It will collapse in Mobile and Tab versions.
Client: But that website have all of these features. It's a good website.
Project_Manager: How do you say that? What if their features and concepts are wrong?
Team_Member: Why can't they give this contract to the designers of that website?

Conversation 30
Client: This is a worst website !
We: Why?
Client: You have failed to designed the Blog according to our requirment.
We: Do you think your Blog is the most important part in your website? Do you think visitors visits your website to see the Blog page? We did our best. Your website has 30 pages. Also your website is a wordpress site. We have designed your site inside our own theme. Customizing a Wordpress site is not easy. We have worked almost 6 months to give this look. But still you are not satisfied?

Conversation 31
Client: I don't think anyone will visit our website.
We: Why do you think like that?
Client: Because it takes 5 seconds to load this website.

Conversation 32
Buyer: What are you promoting?
We: We are promoting a Hotel Management Software. It's a fully online solution.
Buyer: Is this a foreign product or a local product?
We: This is a local product.
Buyer: A local product? Then no thank you !

Conversation 33
Team_Member: Please tell them to send rest of the content in a Word Document.
Project_Manager: Why? What happened?
Team_Member: They have sent us the previous content in an Excel Sheet.

Conversation 34
Client: Why there are no animations in the slideshow?
We: Sir, this is just an art work (Photoshop Layout)

Conversation 35
We: If you buy our total solution, we will give you our Channel Manager for free.
Caller: Can't you give me only the Channel Manager?

Conversation 36
Client: I want a full report about my website. How is the progress?
Team_Member: Sir, your website is currently under development.
Client: Still? Today is an auspicious day. I want to launch my website within today. If not, we have to wait another 1 and a half month to launch the website.

Conversation 37
Client: I want a website with unlimited pages. So what's the price?
Team_Member: I want a website with unlimited pages. So what's the price?

Conversation 38
Caller: Your prices are too much high. Can't you design a website for Rs.10 000?
Team_Member: Sir, we have to pay the electricity bill, water bill and telephone bill at the end of the month. We have to pay salaries to our employees. We have to save some money for the maintenance, fuel and traveling. We have to pay the tax, company registration fee, server chargers, domain chargers annually. We are participating for two exhibitions in every year. We have to use our strength, knowledge and experience for our services. There are lot of advertising and marketing campaigns. So how can we design a website for Rs.10 000? Do you think, we can cover all these costs from Rs. 10 000?

Conversation 39
Client: I have some small works for you.
Team_Member: OK?
Client: These three A4 pages contains some designing and re-designing requirements. I want these changes done within 30 minutes. Can you? You are smart and I know you can!

Conversation 40
Team_Member: Sir, are there any new projects?
Project_Manager: Yes. There is one. But the client is waiting for an auspicious day to start the project.

Conversation 41
Project_Manager: These clients are very good people. They have paid the advance at the beginning. Give the first priority to their website. Do anything for them.
Team_Member: OK sir!
[7 Months Later]
Project_Manager: We have completed all the works in their website. I have requested a payment more than thousand times. But still there is no reply. Don't do anything for them. Hold all the updates..!!!!!
Team_Member: OK sir!

Conversation 42
Team_Member: Sir, I am very disappointed. This was one of my Best Design. Took many days to complete this website. But this so called IT Guy had messed up everything. Now there is no usability in this website. Now it's looks like a cow dung.
Project_Manager: I know. But what to do? This client trusts that guy than us. For your information, he is not an IT guy. He is just an Accountant!

Conversation 43
Client: We need a report of tomorrow's actual arrival list?
Project_Manager: That's impossible. If you want to view tomorrow's actual arrival list, you have to wait until tomorrow.
Client: Please tell us the exact number. Because we have to send orders to the restaurant.
Project_Manager: How do I know about tomorrow's actual arrival list, Today?

Conversation 44
Client: Don't leave spaces. I want to place advertisements in all the spaces.
Team_Member: Huh?
Client: Yes. Like property advertisments, educational advertisments, transport service advertisments etc.
Team_Member: This is a Photography website. What's the connection between photography and advertisments? It will definitely reduce the quality.
Client: Look at the bright side. We can display information about my Photography service. On the other hand, we can earn lot of money from the advertisments. Money is always important than the quality.

Conversation 45
Client: I have mailed you our recommendation letters. Please put these letters inside a Slider.
Team_Member: Really?

Conversation 46
Client: Please host my website between 9.00am to 10.00am on tomorrow. It's an auspicious day and auspicious time.
Project_Manager: Will do sir.
Team_Member: Sir, Tomorrow is a holiday. What should we do?
Project_Manager: Then host the website today. Don't worry. He will not access the web address, until 9.00am on tomorrow!

Conversation 47
Client: This is a 4 page website right?
Project_Manager: Yes.
Client: Then you can start the project now and finish the website infront of me. I will wait here. It will take only little time. Because this is a 4 page website noh?

Conversation 48
Client: Can you put Downward Arrows few and far between?
Project_Manager: Why is that?
Client: Otherwise, visitors will never know, that there are more content at the bottom.

Conversation 49
Project_Manager: Sir, your website is ready. Now we can launch the website on tommorow's ceremony.
Client: No. Launch a dummy website instead of the actual website.
Project_Manager: Why?
Client: Because the website might get hack on tommorow.
Project_Manager: We didn't promote the website yet. Right? So how will anyone hack the website, without knowing about it?

Conversation 50
Buyer: Free Channel Manager? You are offering a channel manager for free? (Looking at a Banner)
Team_Member: Yes. But terms & conditions applied (Pointing to the bottom of the Banner)

Conversation 51
Project_Manager: Client wants to add these images to his website. These are some images of his Noble Title Offering Ceremony.
Team_Member: In a Real Estate website?)

Conversation 52
Client: Please set the background colour as blue.
Team_Member: It will reduce the readability level and add a bad look for the design. Users will definitely distract.
Client: It is our theme colour. So do it !

Conversation 53
Buyer: Free Channel Manager ! Free Booking Engine ! Am I came to the right place?
[30 Minutes Later - After explaining about Terms & Conditions]
Buyer: It says all are free in these banners. But now he is telling it's not free ?????

Conversation 54
Buyer: [Read Buyer's dialogues in an old voice] What all these about?
Team_Member: It's a Hotel Management Software.
Buyer: What?
Team_Member: Hotel Management Software.
Buyer: Ah?
Team_Member: Hotel Management Software !!!!!
Buyer: Hotel Management?
Team_Member: Software
Buyer: School?
Team_Member: Software!!!!!
Buyer: Hotel Management School?
Team_Member: Hotel Management Software !!!!! (Loudly)
Buyer: Hotel Management School? Ah no thanks. We went to School already !

Conversation 55
Client: Can you complete my website within today?
Project_Manager: We didn't start your website yet. So it's impossible.
Client: It's very urgent. Then complete this website within tomorrow.
Project_Manager: Tomorrow is Saturday. We don't work on Saturdays.
Client: How about Day after tomorrow?
Project_Manager: It's Sunday. We don't work on Sundays either.
Client: Oh come on. Why can't you work on weekends? Why don't you work on all 7 days? Please complete this website within weekend. Please !
Project_Manager: We can't. We also need a rest.
Client: OK. Then deliver my website on Monday.
Project_Manager: We can't design a website within one day. It will take couple of days or weeks. Also next Monday is May Day. So we will start the works on Tuesday.
Client: So what? Why can't you work on that day?

Conversation 56
Caller: Your prices are too much high. Can't you reduce the price?
Project_Manager: You are not bargain from doctors. You are not bargain from engineers. You are not bargain from Super markets. You are not bargain from restaurants or bakeries. You are not bargain from taxi drivers. You are not bargain from "කඩේ මුදලාලි". You are bargain only from us. So is it fair or not?

Conversation 57
Client: It's too difficult to create a post.
Project_Manager: You have to do only 4 steps to create a post. It's not that difficult.
Client: 4 steps means wasting lot of time. Can't you reduce the number of steps?
Project_Manager: Next time we will develope a special button for you. You don't need to write the content or publish the post. It will automatically write your post and publish. How's that?

Conversation 58
Client: Where is your E-Mail? I have been waiting more than a week. If you can't do the works properly, we can handover this project to another company.
Project_Manager: Sir, I have already sent you that in last week.
Client: Is it? Then why didn't you call me?
Project_Manager: Why?
Client: How the hell I know that, I have recieved an E-Mail or not? Next time give me a call, after sending me an E-Mail.

Conversation 59
Caller: I have a small club. Can you design a website?
Project_Manager: Yes sir. We can.
Caller: But first, you have to join our club and take a membership. The membership will around Rs.40 000 and then let's talk about the website.

Conversation 60
Client: Why did you put a slider in Home Page? We have a seperate page for services. It's not necessary to put services in a slider.
Project_Manager: Visitors will see the Home page first. If they can't figure what is this all about from the Home page, they will leave the website. If we put some of your Services in a slideshow, they will get the idea very quickly and they might visit the inner pages as well.
Client: It's not a good decision to repeat the same content here and there. Please remove the slider.