How to Design a Hotel Website?

Your hotel should be your passion. Consider your hotel website as an investment not as a cost. Everybody visit your hotel website before making a call or reservation therefore set your full attention to design usable and attractive website.

Hotel owner's biggest challenge is driving direct traffics to hotel website and converts lookers to bookers but it is not easy. You should exhibit attractive information to visitors in usable manner to achieve your goal.

10 Best Practices for Your Hotel Website Design
  1. Have at least 6 pages in your hotel website
    • Home page
    • Accommodation page
    • Simple easy fill reservation page
    • Room rate
    • Page for attractions around your hotel
    • Media gallery
    • Contact page
  2. Make the website responsive
  3. Develop a light weight and fast downloading web pages
  4. Avoid lengthy pages
  5. Use quality photos of exterior and interior
    • Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your property
  6. Make virtual tour of your property if you have a budget
  7. Complete your hotel website before submitting your hotel to OTAs and submit to and other major search engines (Online travel agents)
  8. Integrated payment gateway if you have a budget
  9. Write good quality content. Content should not be lengthy it should be simple and clear
  10. Develop Search engine friendly web pages
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Large Scale
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