7 Best Practices for Your Restaurant Website

When you design restaurant website, you should start thinking in the same way they do. Why do people like going to restaurants? What are the specialties in the restaurant?

Prices are high or fair, Opening and closing time. Are there happy hour or special offers. Add all information will help your customer when taking decision about your restaurant,

  1. Have at least 6 pages in your restaurant website
    • Home page
    • Menu page
    • Special Offers
    • Online Order Form
    • Table Reservation Form
    • Contact Us
  2. Make a website responsive site
  3. Develop a light weight and fast downloading web pages
  4. Use quality photos of menus and interiors
  5. Make virtual a tour of your restaurant if you have a budget
  6. Write good quality content
  7. Develop online order facility
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Large Scale
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