Abstract Submission and Membership Registration Platform

Revolutionize Your Academic Event Management
Creative-2's innovative software solution is specifically designed to streamline the management of abstract submissions and conference registrations of annual academic sessions and conferences. Our cloud-based platform provides a seamless and efficient experience for both participants and administrators, ensuring a smooth and successful event every time
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Key Features
Abstract Submission Management
  • Register and Create Profile:
    Abstract submitters can easily register and create a detailed profile on our cloud-based system.
  • Submit Abstracts:
    Submitters can upload one or multiple abstracts in various formats with ease.
  • Submission Tracking:
    Track the status of submitted abstracts through a user-friendly dashboard.
Event Registration

  • Online Registration:
    Participants can register for events via our system.
  • Secure Payment Processing:
    Pay registration fees online using a credit card with industry-standard security.
  • Instant Confirmation:
    Receive immediate confirmation and receipts for registrations.
Membership Management

  • Apply for Membership:
    New members can apply for membership and pay fees online.
  • Membership Renewal:
    Easily renew memberships through the system.
  • Membership Approval:
    Streamlined approval process for new and renewing members.

Admin Capabilities
  • Abstract Management:
    Admin staff can download all abstracts in CSV format and filter individual details using various criteria.
  • Bulk Downloads:
    Download all abstract files at once, saving valuable time.
  • Payment Tracking:
    Easily identify successful and failed payments to ensure accurate financial management.

User Dashboard
  • History Access:
    Registered users can view their payment history and submission records
  • Download Receipts:
    Easily download receipts and confirmation documents.
Benefits for Your Organization
  • Automate repetitive tasks, reducing administrative workload and speeding up the entire process.
User-Friendly Interface:
  • An intuitive design ensures that both submitters and participants can navigate the system with ease.
Comprehensive Management
  • Centralize all event-related activities in one platform, making management straightforward and cohesive.
Enhanced Security
  • Robust security protocols protect sensitive information and secure online transactions.
  • Our cloud-based solution scales with your needs, accommodating events of any size.
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